General Trading

We, in Energi Nordic General Trading, are a meeting point of Supply & Demand in Commodities and Industrial Equipment.
Whether there is an economic equilibrium for price and quantity in our targeted markets or not, we watch the target markets out, carefully via our powerful marketing network to identify any arising demands in the product range that we work and referring to our powerful network of suppliers we can competitively meet our buyer’s requirements in both technical and commercial dimensions.

Our business focuses on the following fields of activity:

-International Trade
-International Marketing
-International Transportation
-Commodity Storage

Trade is critical to global economic development and it has major implications for ecological sustainability and equity issues. Sustainable trade, which we are seriously committed to, implies a trading system that does not harm the environment or deteriorate social conditions while promoting economic growth.


Industrialization, advanced technology, including transportation, globalization, multinational corporations, and outsourcing are all having a major impact on the international trade system. Increasing international trade is crucial to the continuance of globalization. Without international trade, nations would be limited to the goods and services produced within their own borders.

New Trade Theory tries to explain empirical elements of trade that comparative advantage-based models above have difficulty with. These include the fact that most trade is between countries with similar factor endowment and productivity levels, and the large amount of multinational production (i.e., foreign direct investment) that exists. New Trade theories are often based on assumptions such as monopolistic competition and increasing returns to scale. One result of these theories is the home-market effect, which asserts that, if an industry tends to cluster in one location because of returns to scale and if that industry faces high transportation costs, the industry will be located in the country with most of its demand, in order to minimize cost.


International marketing has intensified and is evident for approximately nearly all aspects of consumer’s daily life. Local regions or national boundaries no longer restricted to the competitive forces. To be successful in today’s globalized economy, it is a must for the companies to simultaneously be responsive to local as well as global market conditions and varying aspect’s related to the international marketing process. Hence, international marketing skills are an important ingredient for every company, whether or not it is currently involved in exporting the activities for the endorsement of the brand or the company.

Success in international markets depends on knowledge accumulation and deployment. In Energi Nordic General Trading are specialized in translating products from one country to another.


Nowadays, International transportation is essential for International trade; the movement of goods from one location to another by air, rail, road, sea or pipeline ultimately resulting in the development of civilizations.

Transport is a key necessity for specialization – allowing production and consumption of products to occur at different locations. Transport has throughout history been a spur to expansion; better transport allows more trade and a greater spread of people. Economic growth has always been dependent on increasing the capacity and rationality of transport.

One of the major fields of activities in Energi Nordic General Trading is international transportation of goods which enables us to deliver our products in needed delivery points in our target markets; especially having a self-owned tanker fleet, transporting oil & gas products and petrochemicals which are usually transported by sea is one of our main activities.


Commodities are stored in different manners. This will mostly depend on the type of commodity, but can also be influenced the transportation method. The commodity itself will however be the primary factor for selecting the most suitable storage method, as there are commodities which need to be protected against weather conditions, deterioration or physical damage.

One of the major fields of activities in Energi Nordic General Trading is commodity storage which enables us to deliver our products within a competitive timeframe in our target markets; especially oil & gas products which are usually stored in Tank Farms.